Overview of Facility Service Management

Spectrum Aatithya is one of the most renowned companies, which offers Facilities Management, Corporate Residency, Food Solutions, Manpower Outsourcing Services in various locations and different Fields. At Spectrum Aatithya Facility Management Services, we believe space is not enough; we believe in customizing it. So we give you the best services and customized facilities, while focusing on the critical details.

Over the years we have built long-standing relationships with all our clients. Our clients are key players in the Financial, Telecom, MNCs, Builders & Developers, Corporate, BPO/KPO, Manufacturing, Service, Education and Healthcare industries.

 Our portfolio of Corporate Residence, Food Solutions, Housekeeping, Men and Maintenance of Company guest Houses, Contract Staffing Events and more.


The market for Corporate Residence, Service Apartments, Food Solutions has grown dramatically in recent years and Spectrum has responded to this challenge by adopting innovative solutions and ensuring continuous measurable service improvement. Our approach is to introduce 'best in class' competencies to the marketplace, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of service provision.

Spectrum offers services to a range of markets including Corporate, MNCs, Financial Institution, healthcare, utilities, industrial and manufacturing, commercial, Hotel, Builders etc.

Our expertise in the field of Facilities management services leads us through a dedicated company in the present Business era. Every project benefits from our expertise, distinctive management approach and our consideration ensure best value and alignment with our clients' business objectives.